Sněžník Zwornik I.

Project number: CZ.11.04.02/00/23_003/0000006
Place of implementation: Prague, Wrocław, Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area
Program: Interreg Czechia – Poland
Official program website:
Total budget: The total financial costs of the project will reach € 196,347.60 of which the EU contribution amounts to 80 %.
Project duration: February 1, 2024 – May 31, 2025
Lead project partner: Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic
Project partners: Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Wrocław 

Project Outputs:

The project output will be the establishment of a long-term cooperation system between Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic and Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Wrocław, which will contribute to deepening mutual trust and cross-border connections between residents and institutions of the Czech-Polish border region. The output document will be an action plan for long-term cooperation between both organizations, presenting joint solutions to problems identified during the project.

Project Goals:

The goal of the project is to create a system of longterm cooperation between state nature protection authorities of the CR and PL and to harmonize approaches in nature protection of neighboring territories of similar biological value and supra-regional importance. The development of a common methodology for solving common problems will lead to its fulfillment. An important element will be ensuring language proficiency among the staff of both organizations. This will lead to increased efficiency in public administration by supporting formal cooperation between the nature conservation authorities of the Czech Republic and Poland.

Project Activities:

The key activities of the project include:

  • sharing of good practice,
  • exchange visits and excursions,
  • language and communication courses,
  • networking of professional workers.

Project implementation workers will collaboratively develop an action plan for the long-term cooperation of both organizations with a horizon of at least ten years, based on acquired materials, exchange of experiences, and previous key activities.